Combined Positive Organ - " A " Model


Bourdon 8'* (61 pipes / first12 front pipes made of fir, remaining internal pipes in 30% tin-lead alloy )
Principal 4' (61 pipes / first 13 front pipes made of 95% tin, internal pipes made of 30% tin-lead alloy )
Superoctave 2' (61 internal pipes made of 30% tin-lead alloy )
Cymbal 2 ranks (122 pipes)

*It can be replaced with Principal 8'


  • Pipes: 5 ranks for a total of 305 pipes
  • Wind chest: slider chest made of evaporated beech and birch multi-ply with marine-grade adhesive. Sliders are made of phenolic material operated by solenoids. Fir pallets operated by electromagnets
  • Wind supply: silent blower and bellows incorporated in the instrument. Wind pressure 45 mm. WG
  • Case: made of Tanganyika walnut, both solid wood and multi-ply, with nitro-cellulose satin finish. Side panels can be replaced with grilles or canvas by request. The entire case is extremely easy to dismantle and assemble. Space is provided for the insertion of four loudspeakers, but even two more speakers can be added to obtain the best pedal stops result
  • Electric action: controllable via MIDI system from expressly arranged electronic consoles
  • Wood finishes: dark oak or light oak
  • Dimensions: height 288 cm. - width 245 cm. - depth 90 cm.

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